December, 12th 2005

At Syntace we don't hide anything

We are recalling some Force 99 stems from the first production run (code up to 34.05). We will replace these stems. We will send you a replacement with one of the safest stems in its class.

Click here for Force 99 Recall Conditions for USA/Canada and Mexico only.

For all other countries conditions as follows.

Dear Syntace customer!

After developing a new testing procedure, we found that after prolonged use, cracks have developed in a small number of the Force 99 stems produced in the first production run. The reasons for these cracks are as follows*:

  1. General stress corrosion of aluminum materials.

  2. Preloading the clamp area around the handle bar with to higher clamping force, caused through not using a   torque wrench to establish the correct torque setting. This results in the clamp beeing held in permanent tension for several thousand hours.

  3. Contact with the corrosive medium air with salts possibly accelerating stress corrosion.

Until today we have no knowledge of an accident with serious results. Nevertheless, with your safety in mind, we feel obligated to perform a voluntary recall and exchange. A 100% safety record is our goal. We will replace the affected parts with an optimized version that has been subjected to improved quality controls and new, improved testing standards.

*More about stress crack corrosion and the testing standards on page three. More here.

How do you recognize a Force 99 for exchange?

With the help of the production date. You will find a 4-digit production code in the rear of the clamp between the two clamping screws (see picture). The production code is comprised of the calendar week (17 in the picture) and the year (’03 in the picture). This does mean that the stem in the picture has been produced in week 17 in 2003.


Subject are all Force 99 without
marking or with a production date
01.03 up to and including 34.05

Please discontinue use of all Syntace F99
that have been manufactured
before calendar week 35.2005
and send them back!



How to arrange the exchange?

Send back your Syntace Force 99 stem postage prepaid to Syntace GmbH. We ask for your understanding for not accepting returns without postage prepaid. The Postal Service will charge us excessively high fees for non-prepaid returns.

"Thank You" Offer

  • In case you need different stem lengths than the ones you send in, we will deliver according to your wishes.
  • As a little extra Thank You we can offer you a one-time special price:
    Original Syntace Torque Tool 1-25 (in formular 1 quality) including set of patented Hex-Plus bits (2-8mm, TX25, 1/4“ snap-in bit holder) for the one-time special price of  104,- Euro instead of 148,80 Euro. Or:
    One Syntace handle bar and/or stem (masimum of one set of stem and bar per person) of your choice for a one-time special discount of 35%.

  • For all eligible Syntace customers who want to make use of our ?Thank You offer“ to simplify handling,  you do not have to send us the stem. Just e-mail us a pin sharp picture of your cut stem. The cut area has to be clearly visible and the production code has to be recognizable. 


Our careful engineering, combined with the most unique testing procedures in the world (the Syntace VR-3 and the Syntace SSM) makes it possible for us to offer every Syntace rider a 10-year warranty for all defects in material and workmanship.
No questions asked.

We would like to thank you very much for your support and would like to apologise for any inconvenience you may have suffered. Please do not hesitate to call us at +49 (0) 8634 - 66666.
We are here to help you.

Ihr Syntace Team

Jo Klieber

Notice: This offer is only valid once per stem sent and only for orders that are being received at the same time with the return. Later orders are exempt from this special price. Thank you for your understanding.

Unnecessary packaging materials
Even may be difficult, please do not treat the beloved F99 like a raw egg. Just put it into a sturdy envelope, put postage onto it and send it to us at Syntace with a short note attached. That way you can avoid unnecessary garbage and look after your wallet.


Technology in detail
Background knowledge: Stress corrosion and testing technology

The legendary VR-3 fatigue test

With the so far existing Syntace testing procedure, the VR-3 testing machine (The Red Monster) we are able to put the hardest push forces and fatigue stress in the world onto stems and handle bars. The one thing that the VR-3 is not able to do is to test the many thousands of hours of permanent pull stress at the screw locations or the quick-releases (for example on screws, spokes, and clamps) that can cause hairline fractures over time. Materials like aluminum, even with the most sophisticated surface coatings, are subject to the risk of fissure development if exposed to permanent pull stress. The oxygen in the air alone is already corrosive and can be the cause of such fissures. (The only “protection” would be use in a vacuum or under a protective gas.)

New: Der SSM Stress Corrosion Test

(Because of this insight we developed a Syntace testing procedure in conjunction with Dr. Ing.Walter Schuetz, the former head of the Department for Vibration Strength and Fracture Mechanics at the IABG, Ottobrunn, the “35°C alternate immersion SSC-test”. This is a salt spray test with all threaded connections under permanent, high pull force inside the new Syntace Saltspray Tester. The testing machine, nicknamed “The Salt Spray Monster” (SSM), exposes our stems for the 400 hours of the test to an alternating spray and dry cycle with a highly corrosive salt fog inside a testing chamber heated to 35° Celsius at 100% relative humidity. The torture in the Syntace SSM-chamber exceeds by far the effects of high tension and aggressive environments onto bike parts in the real world. So far this procedure is unique in the bike industry. Similar tests are only being done in the aerospace and automobile industry with a few load-bearing parts.

The combination of both tests: the safest stem in the world in its class

Syntace Armed with the results we developed a changed Syntace production method as well as precise reinforcements in the clamping area of the Syntace Force 99. The unique SSC testing procedure will guarantee you the Syntace-typical long life span, even under long-lasting, massive environmental impacts (see picture).

The combination of SSM and VR-3 testing machines ensures a unique level of quality. This so far singular testing methodology enables us to form the Syntace Force 99 into the safest stem in its class in the world.

From now on we are, of course, using the same testing procedures and the know-how gained from it for all Syntace stems.

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