Syntace wants to add sound support to excellent products. On this page you can find answers to many questions and handy tips.  
Here you can find frequently asked questions and the answeres to them.

Wheels / Hubs:

Here you will find the matching spokelengths for the Syntace-Wheels
Recommended tubeless conversion of Syntace-W-Series rims
Why is that my rim features two valve holes?

Handlebars / Stems / Grips:

Can all bar ends be used with a Syntace carbon bar?
F99 with adaptor sleeve / shaft adaptor?
Is the Force 99 available in silver?
Force 99 torque - tighten to max. 6 Nm!
Is there a load limit for the F99?
Is the F99 suitable for use with carbon steer tubes?
VRO handlebars in V-2 stems?
Is the VRO Carbon Bar suitable for DH Use?
Are VRO Handlebars only for VRO Stems?
Will VRO stems work with conventional Handlebars?
Find the correct aerobar size
Aerobars on a Mountainbike?
How to assemble quality parts.
Torque settings for the Precission stem
Bar Plugs when using lock-on grips?
Brake fluid on carbon bars
Which handle bar suits which stem?
Mounting components on carbon bars.
Cleaning the Screw-on Gripz:

Seatposts / -clamps:

Creaking noises when using a carbon post and frame
What torque can I use on the P6 seat post frame clamp?
How do I compare the effective setback of a seatpost?
Take note of the seatpost’s wear limit

Miscellaneous products:

Overview of the different X-12 hanger und hanger screws
Are the Nm-torque settings the maximum values?
Crooked head on your Torque-tool?
Shortening of carbon bars and carbon seat posts?
Safety Tips
Sponsoring request
Use adhesion paste correctly!
tips & tricks
Professionals reveal tips and tricks all around technique, equipment and material.
Safety Tips
TIP Ahead Bolt
TIP Bar Width
TIP Safety Agent
MTB Brake Lever Assembly
VRO Center Ring Removal
VRO Handlebar Assemby
assembly instructions
Download instructions for selected products via PDF.
NumberNine Titan
Syntace Wheelset
Screw-on Gripz
Manual Syntace Hubs
Syntace Aerobars
Torque Tool 1-25
Stratos CX
Syntace Stems
Syntace Aerobars
Syntace Stems
Racelite road bars alu
RockGuard II
SCS Chainguide
P6 Seatpost
Syntace Pedal-Service - Service and bearing change
Syntace Wheel-Service - MicroAdjust conversion and adjustment, Ratchet Upgrade Kit
Syntace Wheel-Service - Removing a dent from your rim
Syntace Wheel-Service - Trueing a wheel, exchanging spokes and securing spoke nipples.
Syntace Wheel-Service - Freehub Service
Syntace Wheel-Service - Bearing change
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